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B&R Machine is a custom metal fabrication, manufacturing, and welding shop located in Lake Oswego, Oregon, just 10 miles South of Portland. Founded in 1998 by an experienced tool and die maker, B&R Machine has become the gold standard for designing and building high quality custom machined parts and tools in the Portland area and beyond.

Our shop may be small, but the sky’s the limit on the custom fabrication projects we can complete. Our team makes the most of our space to tool by hand just about anything out of steel, brass, aluminum, and other durable materials. We take pride in the precision of using manual machines and bring our decades of experience to every custom machining or fabrication project.
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Custom machinists Dylan using Lathe to custom machine a part
Logan viewing manual machinist using lathe

Who We Are

Each of our technicians bring specialized skills and experience to the team. Our wide variety of skills means we can offer custom machining projects and repairs for almost any industrial, commercial, or personal use.

In 2020, B&R Machine came under new ownership and a decades old company got a much-needed facelift inside and out. First starting as an apprentice more than a decade ago, Dylan Teichroeb quickly became one of the most valuable members of the B&R team. His passion for manual machining and leadership skills are the foundation of B&R’s quality craftsmanship. Alexis Betts runs the financial and administration for B&R, carrying on the legacy.

Together, Dylan and Alexis hired talented machinists that breathed new life into the company, bringing along with them new skills and abilities that let us design and fabricate almost anything by hand.
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Our Team



Alexis has been a member of the B&R team since it’s conception. She knows the ins and outs of every machine in the shop, and has worked face to face with clients for the past 20 years to ensure B&R maintains a standard of excellence in all aspects. Working extensively with her father before his retirement, she’s looking forward to using the foundation she’s helped build to expand the business to new heights.
Shop foreman dylan teichroeb

Shop Foreman

With over 10 years of experience designing and machining, Dylan is an expert in his craft. Whether he’s working one on one with a customer to get their design exactly to their liking or machining a part to perfection, he embodies the 3 pillars of B&R in everything he does.
About our custom tool and die maker Nathan

Tool and Die Maker

With a passion for working with his hands, Nathaniel is most in his element when getting into the groove on a machine. Throwing levers and spinning cranks, Nathaniel makes custom machining something to perfection look like an artist painting what they love.
CNC specialist Logan R

CNC Specialist

With years of experience in multiple machine shops as well as a degree in manufacturing, Logan is a well versed machinist as well as an expert in CNC. Logan is responsible for the CNC pipeline that B&R uses today and is passionate about putting his skills to use prototyping new products.
Nicholas Business Administrator

Business Administrator

Nicholas is the right hand man in all things business and logistics at B&R. The first voice you hear when you call B&R, Nicholas is the much needed member that ensures B&R is a well maintained, oiled machine. With an interest in welding and lathe machining, Nicholas has an extensive knowledge of the processes in place and where support is needed to keep them running smoothly.
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