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After over 40 years of custom machining for large and small scale productions, our machine shop has created a well refined machining process for any project.
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Our machinists put the utmost time and energy into every project they work on. To our team, a project is more than just a job, it’s an opportunity to learn something new doing what we love. With every project, we take an approach that’s fitting to the task at hand. We work together using our experiences of past projects to create a process on the fly to get the job done in the most efficient way possible. At B&R, we put quality first, rather than doing something the easiest way, we ensure that it's done the best way.
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Proffesional machinist working on a lathe
three manual machinists loading custom fabricated piece onto forklift

Processing done right

We take pride in spending time getting our planning done right the first time, ensuring we solve the small problems first, instead of letting one missed measurement ruin an entire project. Our team will walk you through the process ahead of time, giving you a fully transparent, hands-on guide of what the final product will be, cutting out any guesswork of what will best solve your problem. With our combination of lathe services, milling services, CNC machine services, and electrical discharge machining our machine shop can tend to any of your custom machining  needs.
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