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Commercial & Industrial Repair

Our machinists here at B&R have an accumulative 30+ years of experience handling custom industrial and commercial repair. Our Lake Oswego based machine shop accepts clients from around the world.
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At B&R, every job is different and demands a new approach each time. Our machinists are well versed in the art of finding multiple solutions to every problem. When your equipment breaks down, B&R Machine is the difference between having the problem solved when it’s needed and missing out on valuable operation time.
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High Precision Custom Parts & Modifications

Broken equipment, machines, and parts can cost considerable amounts of lost income, lost time, and lost clients. That’s why B&R Machine offers fast commercial and industrial repairs so you can get your equipment back on the job. We can design and fabricate custom replacement parts or restore broken parts to their former glory. We even offer emergency repairs when an integral machine or part fails.
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