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Custom Tooling

When a custom tool is all that will do for the job, B&R Machine can help. We can design and build custom tools for many applications, including manufacturing and assembly lines. Each of our custom tools are built with durable, long lasting materials that will stand the test of time and heavy usage.
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B&R has the knowledge and experience to create tooling to save you time, frustration and money. We’ve made rubber molds, specialty jigs, custom drill bits, industrial die punches, and more. Come to us with a problem, and we’ll work with you directly to find the custom tool that will provide the best solution.
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Cusotm tooling jig for custom assembly line
Proffesional custom tool for large scale production

High Precision Custom Parts & Modifications

In the past, we’ve had clientele come to us with an issue that was greatly slowing down their process. The issue at hand was the fact that they had to manually cut off bits of silicone from multiple strips of LED’s on a large scale. Our solution: a custom jig that did the same work in a fraction of the time, with precision and ease.
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